Our last blog of the month usually highlights a whole list of events happening in our area that we’re excited about. While there are many great happenings around town this June, there’s only one that we’ll feature this month—the Boulder Collegians baseball game Cultivate is sponsoring!

The Boulder Collegians are an amateur baseball team who play throughout the summer at Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder. They take on other amateur teams from across the state and region. For each game, the Collegians have a nonprofit sponsor to help spread the community love even further. We’re thrilled to be a nonprofit sponsor for Collegians. At heart, baseball is all about one of our favorite things—community!

Nothing says community like a summer evening out on the baseball field. From watching the hometown team as a kid, hot dog and cracker jacks in hand, to cheering on your own kids playing t-ball, baseball is an American pastime. And baseball games attract people across all ages who come together to cheer on their favorite team. No matter your age or team-affiliations we hope you’ll join us on June 1st when our Cultivate community comes together for a night under the bright lights!

The game starts at 5:30pm at Scott Carpenter Park, but get there early to catch the national anthem by Dinah Pollard from the Lafayette Senior Center, and the first pitch by Denise DeForest, our own VetsGo volunteer! A $7 ticket will get you in the door and includes your choice of a hot dog or soda. The Collegians will play a double header against the Fort Collins Foxes with a short old-timer’s game in the middle, featuring vintage baseball jerseys. 

We hope to see you at Scott Carpenter Park on June 1st at 5:30pm. RSVP on our Facebook event page or let us know you’ll be there in the space below!