When talking to Karen, it is clear that you have her undivided attention. She admits that she enjoys a one-on-one connection with people, and those of us at Cultivate have seen this time and time again. We see Karen at almost all of our events and she shows up with a genuine desire to support our work and our staff. 

"How did she find Cultivate?" you may ask. Like many of our Board members, Karen was brought into the fold by Jan Berg. They met through their volunteer work at the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Jan knew that Karen would be a great fit with us. Having grown up around older adults, Karen had a heart for the work Cultivate does in the community and decided to join our board in 2016. Her Aunt owned a skilled nursing community growing up, and Karen spent her youth at parties and parades put on for the residents. She also grew up in a multi-generational household with her Grandmother.

However, Karen’s passions are not confined to older adults. She also volunteers at Groundwork Ranch, which provides equine therapy to children in the foster care system. She manages to do all of this while also being a Commercial Insurance Salesperson. This offers her the opportunity for more one-on-one conversations and the chance to get to know people. 

Karen’s career combined with her volunteer work would keep anyone busy, but Karen finds time for activities. She belongs to the Coal Creek Women’s Golf League and is often outside enjoying a tandem bike ride with her husband Richard. Karen makes time for all of this by being a world class planner. We are just so lucky that Karen decided to dedicate her time to Cultivate and the community we serve.

About Carly Marquis:

Carly is passionate about working in the area to ensure that everyone is supported by the wealth of resources available in our community. Throughout her years at Cultivate she has stood in awe of the power of volunteerism. As Director of Volunteers, she is eager to continue to help those in her community find ways to give back.