Trust is at the heart of any good relationship. It’s a confidence that allows you to go out into the world knowing someone has your back. Ties to loved ones, friends, even organizations and businesses, are all built on trust. And those relationships contribute to the strong community we create together.

Boulder County has a thriving community with a number of businesses and organizations that do good work. That makes it easier to decide who is worthy of your trust—and your time, money, and energy. But with so many choices, it can be helpful to get a recommendation from a friend.

Here at Cultivate, we have a number of trusted business partners who contribute to the entire community, including the seniors we serve. We’re proud to introduce one of them: Elevations Credit Union. Elevations CU and their charitable arm, Elevations Foundation, are two Boulder-based organizations that have values that align closely with ours. 

Both Cultivate and Elevations include trust in our core values. But building trust isn’t as simple as adding a word to a website—it has to be earned. “We have a team who values community and understands that Elevations only succeeds if the community succeeds,” Dennis Paul, Vice President of Business and Community Development at Elevations Credit Union shared. Elevations is focused on building a community “where citizens make it a priority to serve others. Where businesses understand that they play a critical role in the health and welfare of the community, and where businesses step up with resources of all types."

Trust, defined as a firm belief in the reliability, ability, or strength of a person or object, is core to any relationship. It’s knowing that you’re not going to be let down, but if a mistake happens, it’ll be made right. In finding businesses to trust, we oftentimes look for those that are more than just talk — they’re walking the walk.

The Elevations Foundation is doing just that. They have provided over $1.4 million in aid to the community over the last eight years. The foundation awards scholarships to local high school seniors for higher education, and community grants to local non-profit organizations. Elevations Credit Union “seeks to educate consumers and provide them with the tools they need to make sound financial decisions,” Dennis explained when talking about what makes Elevations different from other financial institutions. They offer financial education on their website and host a number of public events every month covering a range of financial topics. Additionally, employees at the credit union and foundation enjoy time off specifically to volunteer in their community. With a wealth of resources, Elevations helps build a community that’s connected and empowered.

Here at Cultivate, we appreciate all the community ties and support that Elevations Credit Union and Foundation are building—and have been building for 65 years. It’s through supporting each other—our friends, neighbors, and community members—that we all flourish. And with similar core values, Elevations is an organization we trust and are glad to recommend.

You support your community every day when deciding where to put your time, money, energy, and trust. Whether that’s giving to local organizations like ours or using the services of companies like Elevations, you’re contributing to our connectedness. Learn more about Elevations Credit Union and the Elevations Foundation.