Throughout each month we come across a number of articles, stories, videos, and audio that capture our attention, and we love to share them with our community! So, moving forward we will post on the last Friday of every month a roundup of some of our favorite things we’ve encountered. Read on for the January 2018 roundup.


Read about Naomi Parker Fraley, who recently passed away, and the intriguing look into the discovery of her being the real Rosie the Riveter.


Watch this short video that’s here to challenge the notion of ageism in the workforce.


Listen to our new spotify playlist, curated by some of our volunteers!

Extras to Check Out

  • This viral tweet that questioned what “old” means in Hollywood.
  • The joke this woman played on her husband years after she had passed away.
  • The upcoming Happy City exhibition that Stuart Semple will display in Denver.

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