Expectations and Responsibilities for New and Renewing Board Members

Mission: We help seniors flourish through active engagement with their community.

Cultivate relies upon its Board of Directors for active guidance and support of its efforts. Without a strong, committed volunteer core, Cultivate could not achieve its aggressive goals for meeting the mission of the organization and serving our constituents.

✓ We expect that Cultivate will be one of your top two volunteer and charitable commitments both in terms of time and financial commitments. The average monthly time commitment is 3.5 hours.

✓ Board members are expected to plan for and attend Board meetings, which are scheduled for 7:15am-8:30am on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Up to three excused absences are accepted per year.

✓ Board members are also expected to plan for and attend an annual Board retreat, to take place during a week day in the fall.

✓ Each Board member is expected to make a stretch personal financial gift and assist in fundraising throughout your term. Participation in fundraising includes some or all of the following: attending fundraising events, selling tickets and soliciting in-kind gifts, hosting a house party, making donor thank you calls, setting up a sponsorship meeting or making a personal ask.

✓ Education about the management of Cultivate and the issues on which it focuses is critical to Board member’s ability to carry out their oversight responsibilities. You will be asked to attend at least one orientation meeting where Cultivate’s finances, history, programs, fundraising and other key details will be discussed. And, we expect Board members to read their Board packet before attending each meeting.

✓ Confidentiality in dealing with information about donors and clients is very important. You will be background checked and asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest policy agreement.

✓ Board members are expected to understand and follow the legal and fiduciary responsibilities as assessed by law. You will be expected to learn and meet your duty of care, duty of loyalty and duty of obedience.

If you are interested in joining the Cultivate Board of Directors, email Chrysti Britt at crbritt@cultivate.ngo.