This month, it is our pleasure to introduce the lovely Rosalyn M., who has been one of our wonderful clients for eight years!  She just celebrated her one hundredth birthday in May and is still going strong!  Talking with her, you would never know she's lived a century, other than the stories and memories she shares from her life!  She says her secret to life is  "trying to be friendly and kind, do what God guides me to do and do the best I can at existing."  

 Rosalyn was born in Columbus, Ohio with a twin brother and is one of five children of a very close knit family.  She lived in Columbus with her parents and, after graduating high school, was the secretary for a patent attorney and the Bureau of  Unemployment and Compensation. She was blessed to have met her husband of fifty years through mutual friends at a wedding in Dayton, Ohio.  After getting married at age 21, Rosalyn moved to Dayton where they raised their daughter.  She remained very close with her family and would regularly go back to visit them in Columbus.  Rosalyn and her twin brother were lucky to have been able to celebrate most of their birthdays together up until his passing in 2015.  She says she misses her family that is gone, and her friends from Ohio, but loves living in Colorado to be close to her daughter who lives in the mountains here.

 Rosalyn raves about the senior living community she has been living in for the last eight years.  She stays very active and plays both Scrabble and Rummikub once a week and enjoys walking around the lovely gardens there. She partakes in the programs they provide, and she enjoys the lovely people that live and work there. Rosalyn says her daughter pampers her and is her main caregiver. She appreciates that she does so much for her. 

 She also says that being a Carry-Out Caravan client for eight years has helped enable her to live alone for so long.  Rosalyn raves about the volunteers she talks to, saying that they are so wonderful to deal with, has no complaints, only praise and that they are so thoughtful and do such a great job.

 Rosalyn, we celebrate you for being inducted into the centenarian club and all the amazing things you've accomplished in your life and all that you do to remain active and live your best life.  It's an honor to share your story and help serve you each week by taking your orders, shopping for and delivering your groceries!  We wish you many more birthdays to come!

About Cam Low:

Cam Low, a Boulder Native, enjoys the outdoors, practicing yoga, listening to live music, and spending time with her friends and family.  As an avid Buffs fan, she is a devoted volunteer with the CU Boulder Alumni Chapter and Buffs4Life as well as an Ambassador for the Boulder Chamber. She joined the Cultivate family in March 2020 as a Business Development and Program Specialist. Cam is passionate about helping seniors and eager to introduce Cultivate clients to other people within the Cultivate Community, further encouraging the connection and relationship between clients, volunteers, donors, and staff. 

Our wonderful clients are integral members of the Cultivate family! Each month we will feature their stories in Client Cameo. If you are interested or know anyone else who would like to be featured, please contact Cam Low at