As the days get warmer and a bit longer, we all look forward to spending a little more time outside. At Cultivate, we put that time to use by helping our senior neighbors through our amazing YardBusters program!

What is YardBusters? 

YardBusters is a program comprised of a team of volunteers who work outside in the yards of seniors in the community to keep their walkways cleared and safe. The program is designed to assist seniors with lawn care, pruning, weeding, and planting activities that will give them a beautiful landscape throughout the warmer months. 

It’s also a great way to help our neighbors avoid any potential code violations in Boulder County and beyond! 

The Benefits of YardBusters 

While the YardBusters program provides a range of essential services to our senior neighbors, it also offers a wide variety of benefits to our volunteers as well! 

Our volunteers get the benefits of: 

  • Extra time outdoors to soak up the sun
  • Learning about lawn care or gardening
  • Meeting new people
  • A great way to spend time with the family

If these are things you enjoy already, then you’d be a perfect fit for YardBusters! It’s also a COVID safe program that allows you to spend time outside while maintaining social distancing practices.

How YardBusters Has Helped Others

Check out what some of our neighbors have to say about the program’s services. 

"I am so grateful for all your hard work and attention to detail. To have everything complete and feel ahead of things for once allows me to prepare for the change of season that is just around the corner." -Linda

"[The YardBusters Volunteers] helped me so much to turn my weed-infested garden plot into a beautiful sight... I am so grateful for the help I’ve gotten from Cultivate. I’ve faced some health challenges in the last few years, and the yard busters program has done for me what I’m unable to do for myself."

If you’re interested in helping more people like Linda, sign-up to volunteer with us today!