Kathy H. answered the call to action when the COVID-19 pandemic began. As one of the contact tracers working with the COVID Containment Response Corps, she has spent over 6 months helping to slow the spread of this deadly virus. 

Food security is a particular passion of Lynette S. Having been a part of AmeriCorps Seniors for 14 years, she volunteers at three RSVP stations throughout Boulder County. All of which are dedicated to getting food to those in need. 

Kathy and Lynette are just two examples of how Boulder County citizens are making a

difference through national service. Altogether, more than 250 AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers are tackling tough challenges including COVID-19 recovery, food insecurity, and healthy futures for seniors.

You don’t hear their stories on the nightly news, but every day they head out, quietly

and without fanfare, to improve lives and strengthen communities. We are grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of these everyday heroes, who are helping make our great county safer, stronger, and healthier.

We are pleased to join local leaders across the country today in celebrating National Service Recognition Day. We are taking time to recognize the impact of national service and thank those who serve.

Given the many challenges facing our communities, local leaders are increasingly turning to national service and volunteerism to help meet local needs. We know that engaging citizens is a smart strategy to make progress on issues important to local communities.

A key partner in our efforts is AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteering, service, and civic engagement. The agency oversees the AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs, engaging millions of Americans in service each year. AmeriCorps works hand-in-hand with counties, cities, nonprofits, and other local partners to support high-impact national service at more than 40,000 locations across the country.

National service shows the best of the American spirit–people turning toward problems instead of away and working together to find common solutions. Today, as we thank national service members for their commitment, let us all pledge to do our part to strengthen Boulder County through service and volunteering.