We’ve recently discussed our core values of integrity, generosity, family and trust, and today continue with the value of being curious, creative, and courageous.

Be Curious, Creative, and Courageous

While many people might not consider combining these words into a single value, we believe they’re actually more interrelated than one might think. As a result, we chose to bring them together and embrace them in the same core value.

At Cultivate, we value curiosity because we still have much to learn about how to best serve our senior neighbors. An ongoing openness to learning from our clients, as well as from current thought regarding serving seniors, challenges us to carefully consider how we approach our work. As we learn, creativity is necessary to move from merely being informed to implementing new solutions. Creativity means considering new angles, trying new things, and moving beyond the status quo of how seniors are engaged. Where does courage fit into the picture? It takes courage to maintain a posture of curiosity and creativity in our work. Sometimes our creative solutions succeed, and sometimes, well, they don’t. Projects may “fail,” and new initiatives may fall flat, but we’d rather have the courage to try them, knowing they are part of the process of arriving at the best solutions for seniors.

We invite you to join us in being curious, creative and courageous, together improving the ways we benefit both our senior neighbors and our community at large. To further illustrate this core value, watch the video below to hear from Mitchell Elder, one of our Program Specialists, about how he gets to live out this value in his work.