Thanks for joining us to take a look at our core values and why each is important to us. Today we wrap up the series by exploring what it means to be remarkable.

Be Remarkable

In a world where adjectives such as great and awesome have lost their significance due to overuse, finding the right word to describe the kind of community we want to be was no small feat. Nevertheless, we believe we found the right word—remarkable. Defined as “worthy of notice or attention; extraordinary,” the choice of this word may at first come across as if we are holding up a sign that says, “Hey! Look at us!” However, instead of being noticed for its own sake, our desire is that the attention would come only as a result of the extraordinary work we do. We want to leave you with no choice but to comment—dare we say, remark—about us.

Our hope is that you notice that we do not settle for mediocrity, but rather push ourselves to do the best work possible. That we don’t merely provide practical services for our senior neighbors, but rather have a life-changing impact on them. Ultimately, our desire for this attention is for the sake of being positioned to have an even greater impact in the lives of seniors. Being remarkable is a shallow goal when done for its own sake or for our own glory. However, doing so in order to change the lives of those we serve? That we can get behind!

To further illustrate this core value, watch the video below to hear from Sharon Greene, our Director of Operations, about what it means to be remarkable.