Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo). And with the sun comes spring! Can you tell we're pretty excited? Spring is a wonderful time of year. The days are getting longer, the trees are blooming green, and winter is coming to an end. Well, all of those wonderful things will start happening something soon. For now, we're dreaming of spring and getting ready for it's arrival. Here at the office, that means gathering up the rakes, trash bags, work gloves, and sunscreen. What for? We're glad you asked. It's YardBusters time! 

YardBusters is the perfect opportunity for you to gather a group of friends, coworkers, or strangers off the street and have a great time clearing a senior's yard of winter debris. This helps our senior neighbors stay safe in their yards and avoid fines from the city. You and your weed-fighting cohorts take on basic yard maintenance, spend quality time together outside, and bring a smile to a senior's face. 

You can sign up as a YardBuster today! In the meantime, enjoy this collection of memories we made last season with the help of all our incredible volunteer groups. 

Thank YOU, Cultivate, for providing such a wonderful opportunity for our team to enjoy doing some yard work together! All 3 homes were so nice and appreciative of our efforts in their yards. We will be back and do some more, I’m sure!

— Gerlinde, with Elevations Credit Union —

You sent such a wonderful group, I had an amazing time with them. They were so wonderful. It also gave me a chance to make lemonade and cookies.

— Claudia, a Cultivate client —

What I like about being a YardBuster is the clients are so appreciative of our efforts. Sometimes it's weeding, clearing downed limbs, or planting flowers. Whatever they feel is most needed.

— Corinne, a Cultivate volunteer —

The work they did to restore the garden was amazing. Seeing the garden alive again brings me an indescribable sense of joy, relief, satisfaction and serenity all mixed together.

— Mieko, a Cultivate client —

Do you have your YardBustin' team assembled?