Music has the power to impact people in a variety of ways. It can bring back certain memories as if back in that place or moment. It can calm, excite, or heal depending on the song or mood. Most of all, music can unite people, regardless of differing backgrounds or perspectives. In the spirit of bringing our community together around music, we have invited some of our volunteers to share their favorite songs for you to enjoy as you go throughout your day.

Their curated Spotify playlist is below for you to explore. We also invite you to tell us your favorite song by clicking on one of the buttons below…we’ll continue adding to the playlist so you can discover new music to enjoy!

Joan: Joan is a fan of anything Country Western. “I grew up on a ranch, so that’s what I grew up on,” she says. Some of her current favorite artists include Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambert.  

Nicky: Nicky is a big Van Morrison fan with Cleaning Windows and Astral Weeks being some of their best in her opinion. However, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and Imagine by John Lennon are two of the songs that she wants to be played at her funeral.

Mary: Mary had a long list of her favorite songs but at the top was Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Wild Child was also high on her list (she prefers Kenny Chesney’s version), as was the entirety of the Dances with Wolves soundtrack. “Music is wonderful for so many reasons,” she says.

Karon: “This might be a little boring, but any James Taylor or Bonnie Raitt,” says Karon. Some of her picks were I Can’t Make You Love Me by Raitt, and Fire and Rain or You’ve Got a Friend by Taylor. There’s nothing boring about a classic!

Edie: There was no hesitation or indecision for Edie, her favorite song is Amazing Grace. “It’s the song I wake up to every morning and it’s the song I want to be buried to,” says Edie.

Note: To follow our playlist simply download the Spotify app to your phone or computer, create a free account and click follow on our playlist.