We have an amazing community of volunteers who faithfully and generously give their time and energy to serve seniors throughout Boulder County. In an effort to recognize their work, and so that our entire community can get to know our volunteers, we started our Volunteer of the Month award program.

We’re happy to introduce you to Gary Guber, our December 2018 Volunteer of the Month. Gary has been volunteering with our Fix-It program for the past year. He enjoys taking on the variety of projects our Fix-It clients need. Read on and get to know Gary.

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Where did you grow up?


What was your childhood ambition?

I don’t know if I had one. I just rolled with the punches.

What was your first job?

I started out a teacher here in Boulder Valley. I was a science coordinator. Then a school administrator. I ran a national nonprofit organization for awhile. Then I started my own software company.

What was your proudest moment?

Watching my kids in everything they do.

What has been one of your greatest challenges?

My biggest challenge was always that I had hearing problems when I was young. Therefore, school was a challenge for me when I first started. I figured it out. But it was a bigger challenge. I learned to read later than other kids learned to read. But I don’t see life as challenges. Life goes on. You meet it as it comes.

What is something you’re passionate about?

My family.

What is one of your hobbies?

I play golf. It’s a good retirement thing. I’m going to play golf right after we’re done here.

What would your perfect day look like?

A day where I could bike-ride, ski, fish, hike. Everything in one day. Occasionally you do get those days. I can go skiing in the morning, drive down and play golf in the afternoon. Ride my bike. Those are good days. I like days where I’ve accomplished something. I like the days where I’m out there with Cultivate. I usually schedule a whole day and go out and do projects.

How did you acquire your handyman skills?

You know, when you don’t have money when you’re younger and you want a house you have to do everything yourself. You learn how to do it.

What is one item on your bucket list?

I don’t think I have a bucket list. I’m at the point in my retirement where I’m happy doing whatever I’m doing. If things come up then I go for it. But I don’t look and say, this is something I have to move towards. I’m very low-key.

What words would you want to describe your legacy?

Dead wouldn’t be one of those, would it? That’s everybody’s legacy. You’re trying to get me to pull stuff out of the air here. Caring. Giving.

Who or what inspires you?

The way I look at it, the world is not about me. I get fulfillment in life by helping others out.

What advice would you give to people of a different generation than your own?

The world is not about you.

Why do you volunteer?

When I retired, I told myself I was going to split up my life into three segments. One, I would continue doing some consulting. I was going to volunteer for a third, and then I was going to play for a third. What ended up happening is with the consulting side I said, “I don’t need that.” That felt like the reason I was doing it was because I was looking for more money, and I don’t need that. So it’s pretty much family, play, and volunteering.

Why Cultivate?

I like to fix stuff. There’s no reason that I need to be fixing only my stuff. We’re fairly philanthropic. But being philanthropic doesn’t mean anything if you’re just giving money. There are a lot of people who just give money but don’t give time. I want to give time.

Volunteering with us is easy, flexible and fun! Join our volunteer team today and, like Gary, make a deep impact in the lives of your senior neighbors.