We want to introduce you  to our lovely Volunteer of the Month, Mary Dichtl. Mary grew up all over the world--living in places like Indiana, New mexico, Colorado, and several others. From a young age, Mary always wanted to be a teacher. During her teenage years, her first job was in a bakery. She did cashiering and a little bit of everything else in the bakery. When it was time for Mary to go to college, she decided to go for a degree in Electrical Engineering, which was a huge, yet rewarding, challenge. Graduating with that degree was one of her proudest moments! 

Mary enjoys reading, going biking, and learning about animals (especially cats). Her favorite color is green, she loves Mexican food and welcomes anything spicy! A perfect day for Mary would be a nice, cool day, sitting outside on her porch drinking a cup of coffee, reading a really good book about animals. 

Mary has always loved to travel. One big item on her bucket list that she was able to accomplish was visiting Australia and seeing many of the amazing animals in that region. This adventure was one of the most enjoyable times in her life and she hopes to return to repeat the experience again.

Mary is a caring, organized person, and a very helpful lady to the community. Since she joined the Cultivate team of volunteers, volunteering with Carry-Out Caravan, we realized that those three words will describe her legacy. Mary heard about Cultivate on NextDoor and thought to herself “I like helping my community, why not help shop for seniors?” Volunteering with Cultivate reminds her of her aunt,  “She was a role model to me. She always takes things as they come without complaining, plus she has always been a strong woman.” To this day, Mary says her aunt is a senior that has made a huge impact in her life. 

Mary has some great advice for younger generations: ”Save your money early and once you retire, after working hard for all those years, enjoy retirement as much as you can! Mary volunteers because “It feels right to volunteer. It makes me feel like I’m sharing the good life I have had plus I love feeling helpful to our community and the world. I wish that more people volunteered; if they would, the world would be a better place to be.”

Cultivate thanks Mary for her hard work at Carry-Out Caravan in Longmont. She starts volunteering with us at the very beginning of the day and stays until the very end; what an impressive commitment!  We appreciate the time she invests and the dedicatios she shows in regard to supporting Carry-Out Caravan and Cultivate. Thank you, Mary, for being such a caring and amazing person. We are honored to know you! 

About Ruby Zavala:

Ruby Zavala joined the Cultivate family three years ago as a Program Specialist, specializing in Carry-Out Caravan and Latino Outreach. Ruby is passionate about helping people and brightening the lives of others. When she is not working, she loves CrossFit, hiking, traveling, trying new foods, and being immersed in Colorado’s beautiful nature. Ruby is a lover of learning, aspiring to gain a deeper understanding of the world she lives in. 

Our dedicated volunteers are crucial to the Cultivate family and living our mission of helping seniors flourish through active engagement with their community. Each month we will feature their stories in Volunteer of the Month. If you are interested or want to nominate someone else, please contact Ruby at rzavala@cultivate.ngo