We are happy to introduce you to our latest volunteer of the month,  Larry Matthews.

Larry has been volunteering with Cultivate for over 9 years at Carry-Out Caravan in Longmont, as a shopper and delivery driver.  Larry was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. His first job was at the age of 15, cleaning at a hotel in downtown Cheyenne. At age 18, he started working for a phone company, learning so much that he considers himself somewhat of an expert when it comes to the history of phone companies and is always happy to share what he knows!

Larry has had many proud moments throughout his life but the biggest one was marrying his beautiful wife, Andy, and raising a family together. “It’s been a challenge to raise a family but I enjoy every second of it; it’s been 53 lovely years with Andy, my daughter, son, and grandchild.” One of Larry’s biggest goals has been making sure the family stays together, continues to be close, and always there for each other when needed.

Larry enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and pretty much anything else that involves being outdoors. Seafood and Mexican food (especially green chile) are his favorites. His perfect day includes waking up in the mountains, eating breakfast outside, jumping on the four-wheeler for a couple of hours, and exploring the mountains. Then back to camp to cook some fresh fish, or other seafood, for a great dinner with good conversation.

Larry’s advice to others is to work hard and go after your dreams. Don’t worry about what other people think; do what makes you happy. Larry volunteers with Cultivate because he likes the interaction with the clients, “It makes me feel good to help out. People are so thankful for what we do for them. I feel great about making someone smile every week! Volunteering with Cultivate has been a great experience. The staff is really good at what they do and I am impressed with how the organization has grown.”

Thank you Larry for your incredible commitment to our organization and clients. We are honored to have you in our Cultivate family!


About Ruby Zavala:

Ruby Zavala joined the Cultivate family three years ago as a Program Specialist, specializing in Carry-Out Caravan and Latino Outreach. Ruby is passionate about helping people and brightening the lives of others. When she is not working, she loves CrossFit, hiking, traveling, trying new foods, and being immersed in Colorado’s beautiful nature. Ruby is a lover of learning, aspiring to gain a deeper understanding of the world she lives in. 

Our dedicated volunteers are crucial to the Cultivate family and living our mission of helping seniors flourish through active engagement with their community. Each month we will feature their stories in Volunteer of the Month. If you are interested or want to nominate someone else, please contact Ruby at rzavala@cultivate.ngo