Over the last several years, we’ve struggled with an identity crisis of sorts. We knew who we were and what we wanted to accomplish, but didn’t always communicate that well to those outside of our small community. Because of this, we set out on a journey of deep reflection on our core identity, our purpose and, ultimately, our name and visual brand. I am excited to share with you today that this process has led to a historic moment for our organization, with the unveiling of our new visual brand identity and name: Cultivate.

The name Cultivate was selected because, at our core, it is what we have done for 46 years and continue to do today. We’ve cultivated volunteerism, we’ve cultivated relationships, and we’ve cultivated the flourishing of seniors in the community. In both symbolic and practical ways, the name Cultivate represents the depth of who we are and what we do. Our former name, Boulder County CareConnect, was too long, too difficult to say, and sometimes caused us to be misidentified as a government agency. As a result, we struggled to create a clear identity of our own, which led to misconceptions about who we were and what we did. These challenges led us to recognize the need for a new name and brand identity that could be easily remembered and recognized by the community, and that would better represent our organization’s core identity.

Throughout the course of our renaming and rebranding process, we also recognized that there was a greater depth to our mission than was being communicated through our formal mission statement. So, in conjunction with our new name and brand identity, we’ve also updated the statement to better reflect the core of who we are and the ways in which we are evolving as an organization. Rather than just providing direct services to seniors, our deeper mission is to help seniors more fully participate—as recipients and contributors—with their surrounding communities.

Our Mission

We help seniors flourish through active engagement with their community.

In many ways our mission is not changing. Our current programs and services will remain, and we will continue to serve all seniors throughout Boulder County. Our mission is evolving, however, as we rethink and deepen the ways in which we help seniors flourish in every community. Our senior neighbors have much to offer the broader community, and we believe that building pathways for increased participation will not only help them, but also the entire community, to flourish.

We know this is a big transition, and we are here to listen to your feedback and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us, or email me directly if you have comments or further questions. Thank you for coming alongside us as we enter this new season as Cultivate, and I look forward to working together to have an even greater impact in our community!

Chrysti R. Britt
Executive Director