At Cultivate, we strive to provide solutions to problems faced by seniors in our community. 

Our programs provide quality time, essential services and connection to others. Through the help of volunteers and donors we are able to help seniors flourish, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what our participants have to say. 

carry out caravan

The Carry-Out Caravan program assists with grocery shopping including ordering, shopping and delivery. 

“Thank you so much for shopping for and delivering my groceries. It really is a help and a blessing to me”.

“My thanks to all of you for making it possible to have my groceries delivered. You are greatly appreciated”.

“I am writing to thank all of the Carry-Out Caravan volunteers for the enormous help they provide by doing such an excellent job of taking the grocery order, purchasing the groceries and delivering them to my home. Due to my health condition, this service provides another form of assistance in being able to remain in my home.”

fix it

The Fix-It program connects members of the community with seniors who face the challenges of maintaining their home. Our skilled volunteers promote safety and provide friendly interactions by visiting seniors’ homes to perform simple home repairs, wheelchair/walker repairs, and grab bar installations.

“Thank you for your very kind assistance in scheduling my home for Spring Cleanup and for a Fix-It visit by one of your talented volunteers.”

“Just a note to say a big ‘Thank You!’ for giving of yourselves and your time. You provide such a wonderful service that makes life easier for many of us.”


The SnowBusters program connects members of the community with seniors who face challenges clearing snow from sidewalks around their home so they can have peace of mind after storms. 

“SnowBusters keeps my wife and I safe from falling as we enter and leave our home and walk to the car. The volunteers each year are so punctual and kind and do a terrific job in clearing the snow each time.”


TheYardBusters program connects members of the community with seniors who are facing the challenge of cleaning up  their yards during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. 

“YardBusters keeps me from getting a front and back lawn from being overrun with tall grass and weeds. The group of very kind realtors that come to do the Spring Cleanup are so kind and really help us with such warmth and generosity of spirit leaving our yard and front lawn looking well kept.”

“I'm really happy with the group you sent to work on my yard. They were so great.”

Our seniors are at the core of what we do, so their feedback is essential for us to provide the best care and services. If you would like to get involved with Cultivate’s great work,  sign-up to volunteer with us today!