Trystin joined us here in the Cultivate office for Take Your Kids to Work Day. He helped our Director of Operations get envelopes ready to mail, and then we had an important question to ask him: why should younger people volunteer? Here's his answer.

Why should younger people volunteer? I believe that younger people should volunteer for organizations like Cultivate so that they can help with projects like yard work, groceries and more for people! Throughout the morning, I’ve been able to help Sharon Greene at Cultivate with an envelope project that she has been working on for months, and with more volunteers projects like this can go a lot faster. And I believe younger people shouldn’t just come to Cultivate, they should be able to help other organizations like dog shelters or places like the Thorne Nature Experience in Boulder, CO. 

At Cultivate, young volunteers can help in the Fix-It program, helping seniors with repairs and safety inspections. And there are four other programs to choose from. In conclusion, I think younger people should volunteer to organizations for the spare help.

Thanks Trystin for your help today and your great answer to such an important question. We hope more young people like Trystin will get involved with community organizations. We could always use the spare help!