Why Seniors?

We are passionately pursuing a world in which all seniors and their loved ones enjoy more quality time and peace of mind through the active support of their community.

Everyone Ages

We live in a world in which many people, including seniors, face challenges that make it difficult to flourish in their communities.

For seniors these unique challenges often take the form of physical and mental health issues, economic pressures, loss of family and friends, and cultural and community isolation. Not knowing how you or your loved one will continue their day-to-day activities can cause significant stress.

Boulder County’s senior population is aging at one of the fastest rates in Colorado. In 2013 13% of residents were 65 or older. That number will grow to more than 20% by 2030.

A 2013 study showed that regular volunteering decreases chances of premature death by 22%.

Community is Key

We have dedicated ourselves to helping seniors flourish by reconnecting them—as recipients and contributors—with their surrounding communities.

Through our volunteer-driven services and programs we have created a community of volunteers, both young and old, who embrace our senior neighbors as family and as valued members of our community.

How we do it

Our programs provide clients with access to safety, health, and friendship.

Carry Outcaravan 1
Carry-Out Caravan

Due to unique challenges seniors may have trouble getting to the grocery store. Our volunteers provide weekly grocery deliveries, improving seniors’ health and satisfaction.

Vets Go 1

Many senior vets have difficulty finding transportation to medical appointments. Our volunteers provide escorted rides to and from appointments for veterans and their family who are 60+.

Fix It 1

Our trained volunteers visit seniors’ homes and perform simple home repairs, wheelchair/walker repairs, and grab bar installations to reduce risks of falling.

Snowbusters 1

Snow and ice can be dangerous, and managing and removing it can be difficult. Our volunteers shovel snow and remove ice throughout the winter months, preventing falls and HOA fines.

Yardbusters 1

Keeping up with yard maintenance can be difficult, especially if one has mobility issues. During the spring and summer months our volunteers perform basic yard clean up, preventing falls and HOA fines.

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RSVP, the nation's largest network for volunteers 55+, matches prospective volunteers with meaningful opportunities in their communities. We have been the local RSVP station since 1972.