Chrysti R. Britt, Executive Director

Chrysti is the head of the pack—at work and at home. When she’s not spending time with her husband, three kids, and four dogs, she’s going fast on her motorcycle. Although Chrysti grew up wanting to be a dentist, she’s broadened her horizons. She’s now interested in taking care of the whole individual, particularly those who are underserved.

Chrysti was inspired to advocate for seniors after seeing her mother become the primary caregiver for her grandfather. When asked what values she lives by, Chrysti chose integrity, honesty, and problem-solving. Each of those principles shines through in her role as Executive Director of Cultivate. Her favorite part of the job is building relationships—to share stories, listen, and relate.

Shun-Luoi Fong, Director of Communications

Shun-Luoi has a deep love for story and its power to gather people together around meaningful experiences. In his personal life, as founder of A Shared Humanity (a design studio and story incubator), and here at Cultivate, Shun-Luoi seeks to design stories that help individuals and organizations flourish. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, creating, and getting outdoors.

Shun-Luoi was drawn to Cultivate because of his love for working with people who are often marginalized by others. He believes that every person is beautiful and unique, but that there is more that unites us than separates us. With that belief, as Director of Communications he enjoys inviting people across all generations to participate in the Cultivate story.

Thalia Foster, Director of Volunteers

Thalia is inspired by people and the good works of others. She enjoys being outdoors hiking and kayaking, and believes a connection to nature is an important part of being human.

As our Director of Volunteers, Thalia firmly believes that volunteering changes lives. For over twenty years she has lived that out—with her family and her community—through her contributions to various volunteer programs like Meals on Wheels and Volunteers of America. Thalia discovered Cultivate on Facebook and was in awe of the scope of services that we provide to the community. She knew she was meant to be a part of Cultivate, and luckily so did we.

Sharon Greene, Director of Operations

Sharon is not your average bear. She’s young at heart, enjoys animated movies and TV shows, and never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not indulging her goofy side, she’s reading mystery novels, gardening, cheering on her favorite sports teams, or spending time with her high school sweetheart-turned husband.

Sharon’s love for supporting seniors began as an 11-year-old candy striper at Boulder Community Hospital. Sharon feels right at home when connecting with and supporting our senior clients and volunteers, a group she thinks society often casts aside. Believing that seniors pave the way for future generations, Sharon cherishes being able to give back to them through her work as Director of Operations.

Regis Lindsay, Outreach Manager

Regis is outgoing and loves to tell a good story. He’s full of tales about the bar he owned with a few friends out of college, that time he ran the New York Marathon, or his 37-year career at United Airlines (where he met his wife). These days he’s creating new stories while riding his bike, cooking, and traveling the world with his wife.

After a long, happy career with United Airlines, Regis wanted to find a fulfilling way to pay back his good fortune, so an old friend convinced him to join Cultivate. As our Outreach Manager, he shares his positivity with the community. Regis loves getting to help our clients and motivating his volunteers with funny emails.

Ruby Zavala, Program Specialist

Ruby is a Colorado native who feels a close connection to her family and community. She is full of life (and spent most of her childhood grounded, as a result). These days she channels her energy into working out at the gym, getting outside when the weather is nice, and listening to good music—anything with a beat. It doesn’t take much to make Ruby laugh, and her positivity is infectious.

Ruby has always had a heart for helping. She strongly believes in treating others how you would want to be treated, and lets that guide her role at Cultivate. In every interaction she has as a Program Specialist, she uses the care she would want to receive.

Mitchell Elder, Program Specialist

Mitchell is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and comes from a close-knit family. He is a fan of good music, plays guitar, and hopes to own a record store someday. Most of Mitchell’s family works for American Indian organizations, and their dedication to helping their community is what motivates him to always put others before himself.

Tired of working jobs only for a paycheck, Mitchell wanted a job where he could do good for others and feel good about his work. As a Program Specialist at Cultivate, he has the opportunity to do just that by connecting volunteers and seniors in need. And with a last name like Elder, it was just meant to be.

Nancy Headlee, Program Specialist

Nancy has a number of passions that keep her occupied outside of the office. She’s a life-long musician who also loves to spend time in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals. She also enjoys getting outside to garden or indulging her creative side with art projects. Her myriad of interests are fueled by her naturally cheerful personality—every day is a new day for Nancy.

Nancy’s interest in helping seniors began with taking care of her elderly parents. Doing so gave her an insider view into the challenges of aging. Because of this, she happily uses the skills she acquired over eighteen years of managing symphony musicians (a process she likens to herding cats) as a Program Specialist at Cultivate, orchestrating our clients and volunteers.

Maggie Shearon, Development Specialist

When asked to describe herself with only one word, Maggie went with wacky. It’s no surprise that her great sense of humor keeps everyone at the office entertained. When she’s not cracking jokes, she enjoys gardening, writing, reading, and kayaking.

Maggie’s grandparents grew up during the Depression and taught her that the biggest heroes are those who are kind to others even when their own lives are hard. With that lesson in mind, Maggie has always been drawn to working with people and giving back to her community. As our Development Specialist, she’s happy to play a part in helping seniors in our community flourish.

Melanie Locke, Communications Specialist

When Melanie isn’t bothering her cat or enjoying the Colorado sunshine, she’s reading. She’s naturally curious and has more hobbies than she has time. Melanie believes learning continues over a lifetime and is always looking to experience something new. But on rainy days, you can find her curled up with a story—and good luck trying to pull her attention away.

Melanie’s voracious appetite for books—particularly fairytales—has made her a bit of an idealist. She’s ready to take on dragons to create a world where everyone gets their happily ever after. She has yet to meet a dragon in real life, so for now she’s our Communications Specialist, focused on helping seniors feel connected to their community.