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Chrysti R. Britt, Executive Director

Chrysti doesn’t believe there’s such a thing as a bad joke. She likes to find humor in everything... even when maybe she shouldn’t. She knows that the only way to deal with heavy topics and hard times is through humor, even in those situations when it might feel inappropriate.

Sometimes people need someone to fight for them, and that someone is Chrysti. Chrysti has always fought for the underserved, and became inspired to make that fight for seniors after watching her mother become the primary caregiver for her grandfather.

Chrysti strives to be a good example for her kids. She’s always willing to look at every perspective, no matter how they might or might not align with hers. She knows that her views may not always be right and challenges her kids to question their own views. There’s always other perspectives, and Chrysti teaches that everyday to her kids.

Shun-Luoi Fong, Director of Communications

Before joining Cultivate, Shun-Luoi ran his own creative studio and story incubator, A Shared Humanity, that helped individuals and companies more effectively connect their stories to their audiences. With a diverse background in tech, design and visual media, Shun-Luoi brings a passion for leveraging a variety of tools—both online and offline—to gather people together around shared stories and experiences.

Shun-Luoi has always had a heart for the underdog—for reaching out and engaging seniors, who he feels our society often pushes to the margins. Other cultures are very community oriented, seniors still hold a high place, and the only way to make our community stronger is by inviting everyone to the table to share their stories.

Shun-Luoi’s vision can be summarized as such: Every human being is unique and beautiful, yet there is much more that unites us than separates us. Dignity. Love. Faith. Community. Creativity. Redemption. Values such as these are what compel Shun-Luoi to create and tell stories. And it is only through listening, learning, and loving those around him that the most compelling stories are revealed.

Thalia Foster, Director of Volunteers

Thalia firmly believes that volunteering changes lives, and for over twenty years she has lived that out—with her family and her community— through her contributions to various volunteer programs.

While working with Meals on Wheels she often took her son with her on delivery rides in order to instill in him the value of volunteering. Her son, now 16, can still recall this time, and the impact it had on him.

While working with Volunteers of America (VoA), Thalia discovered Cultivate on Facebook and instantly knew it was a special place. She was in awe of the scope of services that Cultivate provided to the community, some that she had even wanted to do through VoA. She knew she was meant to be a part of Cultivate, and luckily so did we.

Inspiration can come from many places, and Thalia looks for all kinds of inspiration. Thalia is inspired by people—especially strong, intelligent women. She’s inspired by the things people do—by the good works of others. And she’s inspired by the things people create—by great literature that moves her.

Sharon Greene, Director of Operations

Sharon is not your average bear. She has never wanted to be like anyone else. Sharon most enjoys animated movies and TV shows, and she LOVES the movie, Minions. On top of that, you should just call her Peter Pan, because she’s a child at heart (although despite what she says, she cannot fly).

As an 11-year-old candy striper at Boulder Community Hospital, Sharon discovered her love for helping seniors. And while she sometimes thinks that society too quickly casts seniors aside in favor of other causes, she has always maintained her commitment to helping them. Seniors paved the way for the next generations, and she cherishes being able to give back to them through her work.

Sharon’s best friend is Jeff. The two lovebirds, who have been together since high school, have always encouraged each other to be better versions of themselves. Jeff helps Sharon to be the kind and compassionate person she is, and he never ceases to remind her that everyone matters.

Regis Lindsay, Outreach Manager

Regis had a long and illustrious 37-year career with United Airlines. While there he met his wife, Denise. At the time, Denise was a flight attendant and Regis was in charge of scheduling flight attendants. Despite a rule prohibiting fraternization, Regis and Denise constantly flirted. They secretly moved in together, and in order to keep the secret they kept two phones, only one digit apart.

After retiring from United Airlines Regis took a short break before an old friend and employee convinced Regis to join Cultivate. He wanted to find a fulfilling activity where he could pay his good fortunes forward, and he found the perfect place! Regis loves giving rides to Medical Mobility clients, and motivating his volunteers with funny emails.

Regis is the very definition of a positive person. When his kids were young he always told them to stay positive. At his son’s soccer games Regis would yell his made up word - energico - to remind him to stay tough and positive. Now that his kids are grown they return the favor by reminding him to be positive every day.

Ruby Zavala, Program Specialist

A born trouble-maker, Ruby spent most of her childhood getting grounded. That’s why, when it was time for her first parent-teacher conference, her parents did not want to go. What a surprise when the teacher told them that Ruby was not only one of the smartest students, but that she also always tried to help the others.

Ruby has always had a heart for helping. She loves that volunteering is a completely selfless act that you do simply because you want to. She strongly believes in the following value: treat others how you would want to be treated; she lets that guide her role at Cultivate. Every task she completes she uses the care she would want to receive.

Ruby’s grandmother, Evelin, is a point of light for the whole family. Despite losing her husband Evelin keeps moving along. She never gives up and doesn’t let anything get her down. Ruby strives to be as positive a person as Evelin and always finds a reason to laugh.

Mitchell Elder, Program Specialist

Mitchell is an Okie from Muskogee. After 23 years of breaking a sweat in 90% humidity, he decided to hightail it to cooler weather. He moved around Colorado for a few years before returning to Oklahoma. While he had missed Oklahoma’s thunderstorms, Mitchell was reminded of why he had left in the first place and made a final move to Boulder.

Tired of working jobs for which the only reward was a paycheck, Mitchell wanted a job where he could do good and feel good. As a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Mitchell was raised in a community that views seniors as their most valuable resource. Working at Cultivate is one of the things Mitchell is most proud of, and with a last name like Elder, it was just meant to be.

Mitchell describes his family as close-knit. Most of his family works for the Cherokee Nation or other American Indian organizations. His mother is a nurse at an Indian hospital and helps people who can’t afford healthcare. His family’s dedication to helping others is what motivates Mitchell to always put others before himself.

Maggie Shearon, Development Specialist

In elementary school, Maggie was voted the “sloppiest girl in the fourth grade” by the nuns who taught there. Instead of letting it get her down, she leaned into and embraced her title, even making jokes about it herself. Since then, Maggie has continued using humor to get through tough situations because being able to laugh often makes them feel easier.

Maggie has always been drawn to working with people, something reflected in the career and volunteer experiences she has chosen throughout her life. Within each opportunity, she sought out people with whom she could work toward a shared goal and engage on a deeper level. Because of this high value for others, she’s happy to be at Cultivate to build relationships with seniors and to be part of making a difference in their lives.

Maggie’s parents grew up during the Depression and yet were some of the most compassionate people she ever knew. They taught her that the biggest heroes are those who are kind to others even when their own lives are hard. To this day, one of Maggie’s greatest values is compassion, something she strives to embody in both her personal and professional lives.