Something that Jennifer loves to do is tell a story. In her career as a financial executive, she utilizes PowerPoint in her storytelling to get points across clearly and accurately. But what is her story?

Jennifer has called many places home: Illinois, New Hampshire, London, New York, New Mexico, and Colorado have all been her base. Her early life was spent focusing on her career in finance. From investment banker at Goldman Sachs to CFO & COO at the Community Foundation Boulder County, Jennifer has seen many sides of the financial business throughout her life. However, her current position as Senior Vice President of Finance at Oxbow Crush allows her to find the perfect balance between work, family, self-care, and service. 

With two boys, aged seven and eight, Jennifer has entered what she called the “family chapter” of her life. Colorado has been a wonderful fit for her family as they love the outdoors and just completed their first family backpacking trip of the year. Jennifer also gets active indoors with heated power yoga multiple times a week. How does she find the time? Well, she has worked to prioritize her life to be of service. Service to her community. Service to her family. Service to herself.

Cultivate spoke to Jennifer as a way to address the stratification of our society. The “us vs. them” mentality often makes older adults in our society the other. Her desire to serve also comes from the model her grandparents set for her. Her grandparents fled Cuba and the Castro regime when her mother was 10 years old. Leaving behind successful careers as physicians, they took one of the Freedom Flights and ended up in Chicago, where they founded an inner-city clinic. Their hard work and service have always been a source of inspiration to Jennifer.

We at Cultivate are so grateful to have Jennifer join our board just last year. In her time at the Community Foundation Boulder County, she handled one of Colorado’s largest-ever giving campaigns in response to the Marshall Fires. Her cool head and dedication make her a perfect fit here, and we look forward to many more years to come.

About Carly Marquis:

Carly is passionate about working in the area to ensure that everyone is supported by the wealth of resources available in our community. Throughout her years at Cultivate she has stood in awe of the power of volunteerism. As Director of Volunteers, she is eager to continue to help those in her community find ways to give back.