Senior Corps RSVP

The AmeriCorps Seniors Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is the nation’s largest network for volunteers ages 55 and better, that matches prospective volunteers with meaningful opportunities in their communities. As a local RSVP station since 1972, and with over 200 different kinds of opportunities, we help match you with a volunteer experience you’re interested in! RSVP focuses on community needs of all kinds. 

As a volunteer with RSVP, you join with volunteers across the country to collectively let local, state, and federal governments know where volunteers are making an impact in their community. This significantly impacts where and how government funds are distributed, and helps to strengthen communities and their volunteer efforts.

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Get Started

Become a RSVP volunteer today!

Step 1: Submit Application

When you're ready to get started, complete and submit your RSVP volunteer application (Google Form).

Step 2: Attend Orientation

We'll contact you to schedule a time to meet with someone from our volunteer team for an orientation session.

Step 3: Refer to Station

Once you become an RSVP Volunteer, we will send you to an organization that is the right fit for you!


Carly Marquis
Director of Volunteers
303.443.1933 ext. 406

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more below about our RSVP program. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us or send us an email at We would love to assist you!

Once we receive your volunteer application a convenient time is set up for orientation. Your volunteer placement will be confirmed and a date will be set up for you to start.

It should take no more than 40 minutes.

We are asked by the federal government to collect this data in aggregate. No personal information is ever released to a third party without your approval.

We can help our RSVP volunteers with mileage reimbursements, to help with gas money. If you drive out of the county for VetsGo clients, we can provide care maintenance reimbursement up to $45 a trip! We also have supplemental insurance for our volunteers, and are working to get more local business benefits for our volunteers.

Yes! We will find a volunteer opportunity that meets your abilities. Everyone has something they can contribute!