Meet Nathalia D., our lovely Client Cameo of the month!  Nathalia says the three words that best describe her are: compassionate, blessed and resilient.  She and her five siblings grew up in an orphanage home in St. Louis, Missouri before being raised by their wonderful foster parents, Clyde and Garfield.  She says they were very blessed to grow up in such a caring household, that even included maids and housekeepers!  They were also blessed to be able to get a good education.  After high school graduation, Nathalia moved to Fort Madison, Iowa where her foster aunt lived.  While in Iowa, Nathalia worked side jobs and met her first husband.  Albert was a local guy who was a very respected and gifted athlete.  They were married, moved to Burlington, Iowa and lived there for nine years until his untimely death.  She learned to be very resilient because not only did she find herself a widow at 32, she had to work hard to support her young boys while enduring a great deal of prejudice while living in Burlington, Iowa, which she describes as the most prejudiced place she’s ever encountered being a person of color.  While in college Nathalia says she was offered the opportunity to work with the FBI but would have to move her young boys to Washington, DC for training and she didn’t want to uproot them and raise them alone in the big city.  She went on to work for the Department of Human Services helping with Age Dependent Children.  She also worked for two doctors who took her under their wing and with them, she helped with severely handicapped children.  Being a compassionate person, she just loved that job!

In 1979, Nathalia was blessed to marry again.  She actually met her second husband as a child back in St. Louis.  His grandfather lived across the street from her foster family and they used to play together when he would come visit from Chicago in the summers.  They were married for 23 years before she found herself once again a widow.

Nathalia moved to Colorado about six years ago to be closer to her son Lance.  Nathalia still does all her own cleaning and cooking.  She especially loves baking and has learned how to make many things from scratch, without a recipe.  On many occasions, she will cook meals and share them with her friends and neighbors.  Nathalia also enjoys dancing, walking and is an avid reader.  She loves to read anything and everything!

Nathalia has used our Carry-Out Caravan service for the past year and absolutely loves it! With as much cooking as she does, she admits she has never liked going to the store and appreciates that we are able to do her shopping for her.  She says it’s especially helpful with the larger and heavier items.

Nathalia, Cultivate is so happy to provide services to you after your lifelong career helping others.  It is our honor to have you as a client!

About Cam Low:

Cam Low, a Boulder Native, enjoys the outdoors, practicing yoga, listening to live music, and spending time with her friends and family.  As an avid Buffs fan, she is a devoted volunteer with the CU Boulder Alumni Chapter and Buffs4Life as well as an Ambassador for the Boulder Chamber. She joined the Cultivate family in March 2020 as a Business Development and Program Specialist. Cam is passionate about helping seniors and eager to introduce Cultivate clients to other people within the Cultivate Community, further encouraging the connection and relationship between clients, volunteers, donors, and staff. 

Our wonderful clients are integral members of the Cultivate family! Each month we will feature their stories in Client Cameo. If you are interested or know anyone else who would like to be featured, please contact Cam Low at