This past Friday we launched on our blog a series that explores our core values. We began by discussing why demonstrating integrity in every action is important to us. Today we continue with our core value of generosity.

Live Generously Through Volunteerism

Generosity is defined as a readiness or liberality in giving. When thinking about generosity, we often focus primarily on the giving of items that meet others' practical needs, such as food, clothing or money. However, we often forget about giving things of an intangible nature, and the fact that generosity is not mainly about what is given, but the spirit in which it is given. Our volunteers practice generosity not only by meeting practical needs through our offered services, but also by readily offering a listening ear, compassion and friendship.

We believe that our entire community benefits when people are willing to meet the practical needs of others, as well as to readily offer things of an intangible nature in order to affirm the value and dignity of those around them. Therefore, we encourage every member of the Cultivate community to take part in volunteering in order to help others to flourish. Join us in embracing the value of generosity, and help us live it out every day as we serve our senior neighbors.

To further illustrate this core value, we have asked a member of our team to share their perspective about generosity. Watch the video below to hear from our Executive Director, Chrysti R. Britt, about the importance of generosity and volunteerism.