It is not every day in Colorado that you meet an Island Girl. Especially not one descended from Danish Royalty and Blackbeard. But that is what you get when you meet Virginia Bryan. Born and raised in St. Thomas, she grew up surrounded by water, friends, and family. Now, she has traded water for the mountains, but she says she is still that Island Girl she once was. 

Much of Virginia’s life has been focused on helping those around her. Most of her professional career has been spent in education. It was a leap into the unknown that led her to Cultivate. While searching for a job for a friend, she found our listing and decided to take a chance at something a little different. She began her new career with us and has become an integral part of our team, where we have seen her desire to help those around her firsthand. 

Her desire to be the “safe person” for those around her means she makes friends everywhere she goes. She also uses that heart with her two grandchildren, who are always there to keep her on her toes and help her learn something new. She always finds that listening to what is not being said is the key to understanding people, and she is always there to listen.

If she is not with her friends or family, Virginia has a long list of things she does that include everything from guitar playing to painting to research. She is constantly working her mind and heart. You may also see her sporting one of her crowns from competing in the Miss Colorado Pagent as Ms. Louisville.

Virginia is the person who listens to and cares for all around her, but we especially enjoy the times she tells her stories. With a life from the beach to the mountains, she has seen and done a lot of things that feed her soul, and she brings all of that to her work. We are glad to have this Island Girl on our team!

About Carly Marquis:

Carly is passionate about working in the area to ensure that everyone is supported by the wealth of resources available in our community. Throughout her years at Cultivate she has stood in awe of the power of volunteerism. As Director of Volunteers, she is eager to continue to help those in her community find ways to give back.