We’ve recently discussed our core values of integrity and generosity and today will continue our series by taking a look at the value of family.

Treat Everyone Like Family

If we were to sit down together and share our family experiences, the conversation would surely include heartwarming memories, recollections of deep hurts, and everything in between. While we recognize that each of us has unique experiences, our core value approaches family relationships as they should be. This includes treating people with the dignity and respect they deserve simply because of their intrinsic value as human beings. It involves an acceptance of and unselfish commitment to caring for one another beyond the bare minimum, or merely when it’s convenient. Sound appealing? We think so, too.

In a world where organizations can easily take a business-like approach to their staff and community, we want to approach relationships differently. We desire to treat everyone, from our co-workers in the office to our senior neighbors, from our volunteers and donors to our board members, like family. This happens when our volunteers not only provide practical services for our senior neighbors, but also seek to know them a bit better each time they meet. It happens when a staff member sets down her to-do list to come alongside a struggling coworker who’s having a hard week. Ultimately, it’s an intentional valuing of each member of the Cultivate community simply for who they are, warts and all, and not just for what they might bring to the table.

Do we perfectly treat everyone like family all the time? No, but we’re committed to the process of growing in this area because we think people—including you—are worth it. So what you do think? We’d love for you to embrace this value along with us and help us treat everyone, both within the Cultivate community as well as the broader community, like family.

To further illustrate this core value, we have asked a member of our team to share their perspective about generosity. Watch the video below to hear from one of our Program Specialists, Ruby Zavala, about the importance of family.